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James Ehrman & Chief – Tha Next Episode (a funky breaks track)

A badass breaks track from James Ehrman and Chief.

dj chief & james ehrman – the next episode (original mix)

jamesehrman (at)

James Ehrman – Going Back to Gangsta Rap (a hiphop mashup)

Ice Cube vs Biggie. A couple accapellas and an instrumental. One of the first James has done. He welcomes all feedback… hit him up: jamesehrman (at)

James Ehrman – Going back to Gangsta Rap

jamesehrman (at)

James Ehrman and Chief – Fly Away With Your Freak On (a mashup track)

Lenny and Missy. Great mashup for ya!

Fly away with your freak on

jamesehrman (at)

DJ Myth – Size (a Dubstep mix)

This set does start out nice n comfy like. Amazin transition of energy n feelin throughout that makes u feel like ur in the video…
Njoy :)

Link: Myth – Size(right click “save as” or click link to stream audio) 65 minutes

Dubstep vibes from Myth (Omaha, NE). Contact: mythinya (at) Or visit

Dj Shan – Deliberate Consideration (a Tech-House mix)

In Chicago via Lincoln, Dj Shan lays down some great techy goodness for us. Expect to hear more from this lady of the decks on PhulPhunk soon. Contact Shan: shannon.kuehn (at)

Link: DJ Shan – Deliberate Consideration (right click “save as” to download, click link to stream) Mixed 10/2007

Wizzo – No Other Freaks (a journey)

A not-too-serious journey; house to trance to breaks. Guess the actress on vocals at the 115:00 mark and you win a free taco. Enjoy!                                                 Mixed 11/30/08

Download link: Wizzo – No Other Freaks (right click “save as” to download mix, click link to stream mix) 105 minutes

I mixed this for my girlfriend with her records, it turned out decent so I’m sharing.

djwizzo (at)

Wizzo – Happy Lounge (a House mix)

Funky/filtered/vocal/disco. This is my second mix CD (from way back in the day), it shows but the tracks are great and it’s fun to look back. Mixed 2002-2003.

Link: Wizzo – Happy Lounge (Right click “save as” to download, click on link to stream mix) 10 Tracks/51 minutes

djwizzo (at)

James Ehrman and Wizzo – Snowballs in Manhattan

A promo made for a small party James and Wizzo played in Manhattan. A short mix from each DJ. It’s fun to hear this old stuff, especially because I don’t even remember making this mix or having these records. James’ mix is mostly funky disco house. My mix is Nu-NRG. Check ’em out —  Wizzo

James Ehrman’s mix: Snowballs in Manhattan – James Ehrman (right click “save as” to download mix, click link to stream audio) 37 minutes

Wizzo’s mix: Snowballs in Manhattan – Wizzo (right click “save as” to download mix, click link to stream audio) 34 minutes

Zak C – Caribbean Rhythms (a Latin House mix)

Solid Latin house mix from Zak

Link: Zak C – Caribbean Rhythms (right click “save as” to download, click link to stream) 71 minutes/12 tracks

Zak C – Collaborate (a 2-Step mix)

There were 3 of these CD’s made with Zak and Kaoss (now Plan 9). This is Zak’s set from Collaborate vol 1. ADB properly handles the intro

Link: Zak C – Collaborate (right click “save as” to download, click link to stream audio) 8 tracks/35 minutes