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5 responses to “Feedback/Contact

  1. Maybe a basic comments page?

  2. john linder (jackson)

    Ok random help needed! years ago Zak C did a salsa album. my cope was stollen out of my car with there rest of my cds is there any way to contact him about getting a copy.

  3. Dustin D nuts Cleland

    Hey zac, weve crossed paths a lot since 2000 dont know if you recall..even might have brought you to des moines or atleast attempted back around 01. Anyway always been a fan man and was going thru your page wondering if there was any way in the wide world that you still have a copy of “dot com’s happy ass” ghetto house mix? I used to rock the mic with danny until he moved away. I miss those days man. Ill never forget standing next to adrian “ADB” at some pre school in lincoln or maybe even bellvue when he handed me that microphone man. omaha massive forever. I wish des moines had half the unity that you guys do. Anyway glad to find all your garage sets. My boy reuben aka “s.p.e.c.t.r.e.” will love those forever man. Hope you have some news on that happy ass set. I lost the cassette with my youth bro lol. Thanks for everything man especially a decade+ worth of tunes!

  4. Dustin D nuts Cleland

    E mail me back and let me know if you can help

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