James Ehrman

I’ve been spinning Electronic Dance Music for over 10 years.  Through the years there’s been almost no genre left behind.  Spinning mainly house music through 2005, I got my start “playing out” at none other than Bar 415 in Omaha, NE in 2002.  Picking up some gigs here and there throughout the midwest, I crafted my own style of turntablism, breaks and house.  With monthly club residencies in two cities, club music quickly became a staple in my selections.  As the “scene” changed and so did the music, my current styles have shifted to Breaks, Electro, and Dubstep.  Here I am, almost 11 years later, still scratching and mixing.  Thanks for the continued support, this wouldn’t be nearly as fun without YOU!

You can find all of my mixes here: https://phulphunk.com/category/dj-mixes/james-ehrman/


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  1. you need a bio.

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