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Myth – AboveYa (a Dubstep mix)

Jus when u thought he is no more…..BOOM!!!  myth comin back at ya by popular demand….  this DUB mix will definitely put ur speakers through a workout!!!  Enjoy n Holla….. Myth tries his hand at MixMeister and makes a dope ass mix that will stay in rotation for a long, long time! This shit is fiya! Booya!

myth – aboveya (right click “save as” or “save link as” to download, click link to stream audio)

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DJ Myth – Late Tremor (a Dubstep mix)

Some wicked dubstep vibes from Omaha veteran, DJ Myth. Grab this one and crank the bass!

Link: Myth – Late Tremor (click link to stream, right click “save as” to download) 74 minutes

mythinya (at)

DJ Myth – Size (a Dubstep mix)

This set does start out nice n comfy like. Amazin transition of energy n feelin throughout that makes u feel like ur in the video…
Njoy :)

Link: Myth – Size(right click “save as” or click link to stream audio) 65 minutes

Dubstep vibes from Myth (Omaha, NE). Contact: mythinya (at) Or visit

DJ Myth – Masif (a Breakbeat mix)

“Beautiful, dark n smoothe nu-school breaks all up inside that head of yours!! If my memory hasn’t left me this was one of many mixes handed out on the infamous “Soundwaves” events.” – DJ Myth

Link: myth- masif (right click “save-as” to download, click link to stream audio)

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Myth – Pendum (a Hard Trance mix)

Hard trance all the way through on Myth’s banger from 2002

Link: Pendum – Myth (right click “save-as” to download, click link to stream audio) 73 minutes

mythinya (at)