Myth – AboveYa (a Dubstep mix)

Jus when u thought he is no more…..BOOM!!!  myth comin back at ya by popular demand….  this DUB mix will definitely put ur speakers through a workout!!!  Enjoy n Holla….. Myth tries his hand at MixMeister and makes a dope ass mix that will stay in rotation for a long, long time! This shit is fiya! Booya!

myth – aboveya (right click “save as” or “save link as” to download, click link to stream audio)

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myth – LateTremor (dubstep)


2 responses to “Myth – AboveYa (a Dubstep mix)

  1. finally. I just found this place and now good music as well. thank you

  2. Just got done listening to it and I can say its techinically well done, no way to trainspot this. Heavy and hard hitting which is good. Progression in mix seemed alittle flat in the beginning but ended nice. Like the public enemy track. Solid mix, definitely worth the space in my ipod. Thank you myth!

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