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DJ Shan – Vitality (a late night Electro House mix)

A rockin new mix from DJ Shan! An energetic late night electro house mix that shows exactly what Shan can do to a prime-time dance floor. We’ll keep them coming from Shan. Mixed Memorial Day 2010.

Download link: DJ Shan -Vitality (right click “save as” or “save link as” to download, click link to stream audio).

Another mix from Shan: DJ Shan – Deliberate Consideration

Contact: shannon.kuehn (at)

Tracklisting (click post title to see tracklisting)

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Dj Shan – Deliberate Consideration (a Tech-House mix)

In Chicago via Lincoln, Dj Shan lays down some great techy goodness for us. Expect to hear more from this lady of the decks on PhulPhunk soon. Contact Shan: shannon.kuehn (at)

Link: DJ Shan – Deliberate Consideration (right click “save as” to download, click link to stream) Mixed 10/2007