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James Ehrman – Planet Bass (a Breakbeat mix)

James says, “Funky Breaks, one of my favorites, mad props to MC Flipside at the beginning.  Mixed June of 09.”

Link: James Ehrman_Planet Bass (Right click “save as” to download, click link to stream mix) 60 minutes

James Ehrman – FunktUp (a Breakbeat mix)

The first track on this mix is a perfect start. One of the best starts to a mix in the history of all mix-tapes. It has happy, evil, hard, and soul… and that’s just the first 4 minutes. Do whatever you do and then let James take you on a journey with this one!

Download link: James Ehrman – FunktUP Vol 1 (Right click “save as” to download, click link to stream mix) 64 minutes – 12 tracks

James Ehrman – “Dance Suckah” (a Breakbeat mix)

James’ description of the mix, “Funky Breaks, Florida style with a hint of trance.  This is one of my favorite mixes to listen to at 4am.  An ok scratch at the beginning too.  The third track on it,  “The Next Episode”, was my first real production with DJ Chief.  Enjoy!”  – James

Link: James Ehrman _ Dance Suckah Click on link to stream mix, right click “save as” to download. 61 minutes

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James Ehrman – Even The Angels Will Kiss The Ground (a Breakbeat mix)

Another breakbeat mix from James Ehrman. Very solid!

James says, “Breaks, nu skool, dark, techy, Drum and Breaks.  This mix was meant to be Acid Melt 2, but I decided to go with a different name since my rockstar status had yet to be achieved.  Look for my new mixes to all be in a series to show how consistantly rockstar I am.”

Download link: James Ehrman _ Even The Angels Will Kiss The Ground (Click on link to stream, right click “save as” to download) 12 tracks – 65 minutes

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James Ehrman – Acid Melt (a Breakbeat mix)

BREAKS, a Dark nu skool vibe gritty enough for the underground, with a hint of club towards the end.

Download Link: James Ehrman_Acid Melt (Right Click “save as” to download mix, simply click link to stream mix) 53 minutes – 10 tracks

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James Ehrman – Crazy ill Bomb (a Breakbeat mix)

Breaks, a mixture of funky and nu skool.

Link: James Ehrman_Crazy Ill Bomb (Right click “save as” to download mix, click link to stream audio). 56 minutes – 13 tracks

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James Ehrman – Somewhere Between 5 & 7 (a Trance mix)

James says, “Trance, epic and vocal.  Thats right, I did a trance mix… and I liked it.”  Mixed sometime in 2008.

Download link: James Ehrman_Somewhere Between 5 and 7 (Right click “save as” to download, click link to stream mix) 65 minutes

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James Ehrman – Insane Inside (a House/Breakbeat mix)

James says, “Elektro House and Funky Breaks, this is my first mix in a long while that included house music.  Mixed in January of 09.”

Mitch says, “I like scotch and boobs”

Download link: James Ehrman – Insane Inside (Right click “save as” to download, click link to stream mix). 69 minutes

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James Ehrman & Chief – Tha Next Episode (a funky breaks track)

A badass breaks track from James Ehrman and Chief.

dj chief & james ehrman – the next episode (original mix)

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James Ehrman – Going Back to Gangsta Rap (a hiphop mashup)

Ice Cube vs Biggie. A couple accapellas and an instrumental. One of the first James has done. He welcomes all feedback… hit him up: jamesehrman (at)

James Ehrman – Going back to Gangsta Rap

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