Wizzo – The Ceremony (a Hardhouse mix)

“Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin” – Jim Morrison. A high energy hardhouse mix. Smoothed out vocals and bangin beats with a splash of funk and melody. NRG. Mixed in December 2002.

Click on artwork to see cd cover and tracklist.

Link: Wizzo – The Ceremony (right click “save as” to download, click link to stream mix) 12 tracks/64 minutes

djwizzo (at) yahoo.com


2 responses to “Wizzo – The Ceremony (a Hardhouse mix)

  1. I still got this CD, always wondered something though; track 7, the vocals are from ‘It’s about Music’, but what is the underlying song the vocals are being mixed on top of? thanks

    • It’s the next track “Music is the Drug” by Lee Haslam – it starts coming in about halfway through “It’s About Music.” I wanted to try to layer those vocals over Music is the Drug without it sounding too “busy.”

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