Damian – “That Sunrise”

A mix from my brother circa 2001-2003 (exact date is unkown). This guy has shaped many of my musical tastes since I was a little kid. He is also at least part of the reason, be it directly or indirectly, that myself and a few of my friends started DJ’ing (thanks, bro!). Damian was an awesome drummer from an early age. He used his knowledge of drumming, rhythm, and all around music knowledge in becoming a great DJ.¬†Immersing himself in the South Florida scene of the mid to late ’90’s formed much of his taste and style of DJ’ing. His versatility behind the decks could fit him into slot or situation. This mix will take you on a trance journey. Check out the Soundcloud player for streaming and the link below the player for a download (because you’ll want to hear this more than once).

Damian “That Sunrise” (right click and “save as” or “save link as” to download)


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