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James Ehrman – “Pump This Party”

Mixed 12/22/12 – Merry Christmas. Some electro bangers, vocal and clubby!

Adam Hotz – This Is My Sound (electro breaks)

Download link: This Is My Sound – Mixed by Adam Hotz (right click “save as” to download, click link to stream audio)

Short, sweet, and jam packed full of BASS to rock your face! Electro Breaks with a hint of dubstep! Enjoy!


Adam Hotz – Bass Reflex (an electro breaks & house mix)

“Some freak nasty funky bass lines with lyrics to make you go BOOM!”

Link: Adam Hotz – Bass Reflex (right click “save as” to download, click link to stream)  53 minutes – mixed 3/10/10

Check out Adam Hotz’s other mix: Adam Hotz – Fixxxin To Get Crazy

Wizzo – Golden Shower (a dirty house/electo/fidget mix)

“Let’s get nasty!” Named because these tracks are golden and I’m showering you with them…. what were you thinking of??

Dirty, nasty, funky, bassline/electro-y stuff that bangs and has bass lines deep enough you can ride their waves. Turn it up!

Link: Wizzo – Golden Shower (right click “save as” to download, click link to stream audio) 55 minutes – 15 tracks – mixed 2/14/10

djwizzo (at) yahoo.com

Tracklisting: (click on post title to view tracklisting)

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Garrick Michael (10 mixes)

Fellow friend and DJ Garrick Michael has 10 of his mixes featured on his website. Check out www.garrickmichael.com and scroll down to the “audio” section.